Before I get started explaining my life story, let me reassure you that you are in capable hands…

I have a design background which goes back over a decade, and as proof of this statement I have managed to gain several qualifications in the field of design and web development which include:

BA in Architecture
MA in Computer Imaging In Architecture
MSc in Web Computing

Over this period my unwavering passion to create the best websites for my clients has lead me to use the latest standards and applications in the web industry. Starting off with my initial projects being HTML based, my skills have evolved over the years to produce more complex systems which allow greater features and design potential (which is good for you the client). HTML, CSS, PHP, Jquery and Content Management Systems (CMS) are just some of the possibilities your site can be done in using my services.

‘Live, Learn and to Educate’ is a philosophy of mine that I take into every project I undertake. Understanding the client is vital, communication is key, and the education learnt between us will lead to a website that you will love.

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