The extent of service you receive will all depend on what service you require.  To have an idea on what you need here are a few scenario based options:

Website Design & Build:

Looking to set up a new website or redesign your current site? Then this will be the full package you require.  You give me the brief and I will do the rest, you just sit back and relax and let me work it all out.

As part of this service I will create a clear relationship to the website and its purpose and have a progressive approach to the technology used and of the future aspects of the website that need to be considered.  The end result will be a sophisticated and intuitive website which will be accessible for all users, with a strong attention to detail and clear, user-friendly design- NOW WHAT MORE CAN YOU ASK!

You Design, I Build:

Do you have your own personal flair for design?  Is your vision very specific?  Well why not let me turn your visuals in to a reality.

Or have you seen a WordPress template which is similar to what you are looking for, but just not quite there yet- Well leave it to me, and I will install and customise accordingly to your needs.

You be the artist and I’ll be the technician.


Do you just want your graphic needs tended to.  Well I specialise not just in web design, but general graphic design as well.  So poster design, advertorials,  flyer, stationary design and invitations are just some of the possibilities you can hire me to do.

Creating the right look to capture and engage your visitors/clients is as important as the idea of the business itself. Build yourself into a brand, and let my knowledge and experience help you get the most of your idea.

Online Marketing:

Having a great website means nothing if no one can find it.  Search Engine Friendly Code such as that produced in HTML pages for example are important to help search engine’ spiders’ find and understand your site easily.  There are no presentational elements or bloated code to confuse the spiders, so they’ll crawl everything that matters and rank you accordingly.

SEO is big business. After all, who wouldn’t want their site to be on the first page of search results? It’s not just the obvious traffic this brings, effective SEO lends credibility and brings more exposure to a brand name.

High quality content, inbound linking, intelligent site structure, accessibility and using w3c web standards are the core ways to help your long term success.

I will advise you on SEO strategy and employ a range of techniques, such as ensuring HTML and meta data are optimised, advising on content and identifying advantageous links. I can also advise on Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and effective keywords.

Your website once finished should work for you.  So if it can go out there itself and start promoting its content then that surely is something worth smiling about.

Web Hosting and Domain Management:

Not sure how to go about having your site hosted? Need some webspace? Well I can offer all that is needed by offering a for full range of internet services you might find useful, such as : web hosting, web maintenance, domain name registration and email hosting.


Working on your own website and are stuck for ideas, or need help or advise- then help is at hand.  Just contact me for a consultation service and I will help you get back on track with your project.

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